20 02 2009

personel_kecilDreamer took the name grab attention through a single ‘Karbala’ publish in the compilation album ‘Metalik Clinic 6’, label Rotorcorps / Musica back in 2003. But since then, this band kick lunge lower. Many obstacles in natural. For example, the classic, the mutually personnel. Even Rika R, was absent for two years to contest the event Dangdut Indonesia (KDI), which held a national television station. Rika (the model was GitarPlus) also had even released an album Dangdut. Dreamer  take itself had a new vocalist, but then it is less perffect.vaccum  Dreamer ended in April 2008, when Rika approve eventually to rejoin. Accident at that time, other personnel Dreamer, namely Handayani or Yani (guitar), Triwibowo (keybord) and Joseph Permana (bass) also undergo the process job album. Dreamer entrance Rica make back ‘live’. Moreover, after a new guitar, Vicky Findrayanto Nitinegoro alias 13Vicky also strengthens the formation. Vicky itself is not new in the entertainment stage. Currently, the guitarist born in Jakarta 13 July 1983 is quite broad, known as the star telenovela.
With this formation Dreamer use full first album, ‘Temple’ (2008 – Dreamland Productions). Recording process is done since January 2008 in studio three, C6 Studio, Studio accents (for the drum and vocal) and 9db Studio for keyboard. O yea, the game contains a dram in the eight track album plus the intro to the trust Bufthaim Bakr (Suckerhead).
Vicky joint it story, the story Yani, is not intentional. Accidental, Vicky often participate in the Public station Yellow Rice, Fatmawati, Jaksel – which is the main headquarters of children Dreamer. From there, the chat was developed and is a match between them in the matter of music taste. When jamming is apparently no problem. “Keep the light on the Dreamer is very difficult to find the guitar. Because the format of the guitar so we double ego must be controlled and can co-exist, “said Yani.
Vicky own after joining the new recording process is running also feel comfortable to join in the Dreamer. Because he feels there is a match with the other personnel. “Before entering, I see more to external factors first. Band because it seems to do well when I first chat-chat. Discuss and caper connect must first new well. I feel comfortable, I get the same station. We feel close to, but I had to close. In the studio, we often give each other feedback. I also interested in entering Dreamer because I feel this band can advance. Good material, its gothic can still hear many people, more universal, “said fan Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Pantera, Slayer, God Bless and continue this Bharata-light.
Yani said,joint it Vicky gave it a little more on the music Dreamer. Previously, the music they presented very thick with the influence of Europe. But since the Vicky join, there is little influence of the United States be merged style. And there, fans can also be seen Dreamer does not object to the inclusion of Vicky. “Fans even respect, even though the players Vicky telenovela. And also make profits Dreamer, as he was public figure, so well known people, “said guitarist Tony Iommi fans, zakk Wylde, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine and the Cella this bluntly.



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5 06 2009


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